4 Benefits of Using Cloud Accounting

Cloud Accounting

  Accounting is being taken to a whole new level thanks to cloud technology. This technology eliminates the limitations that traditional accounting software offers. Learn more about the benefits of using cloud-based accounting tools by checking out these examples: Accuracy Not only is manual processing tedious, it is also prone to errors and compliance risks. […]

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3 Payroll Mistakes to Avoid

Payroll is an important part of a business. Mistakes in this department can be expensive so make sure you avoid the following: Miscalculating taxable employment income Many employers do not report personal and living expenses paid for by the employer as taxable employment income. However, unless the employee falls under a specific exemption, these amounts […]

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4 Ways Small Businesses Should Prepare for Disasters

  Don’t let disasters of any sort catch your business unaware. Setting proper contingency plans ahead of time can determine how fast you’ll recover from such incidents. Here are some tips you should consider:  Make a reliable emergency response plan To protect your employees and clients, business owners should know all the proper evacuation routes […]

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