3 Customer Retention Tips You Need to Know

Losing loyal customers can really hurt your business. If you’re noticing that this is starting to happen, you should take the necessary actions to prevent a further decline in sales. As you plan a customer retention strategy, keep these tips in mind:

3 Customer Retention Tips You Need to KnowPhoto by Rob Bye on Unsplash

Loyalty programs

Regulars deserve to be treated a little differently than occasional or prospective customers. Build the relationship with your biggest fans, and their confidence in doing business with you, by offering them something that is only available to top customers. They will likely share their status with other people they know and increase interest in your exclusive circle. Increase interest in the program by offering special deals if they refer family or friends. Source: Entrepreneur

Personalize customer experience

Retaining customers and keeping them loyal requires earning their trust, which is built through a relationship over time. While it’s not always possible, there might be opportunities for your small business to make your product or service—or even how you deliver it—a bit more personal.

Personalization is a great way to keep a customer’s attention both online and off. Starting with your website, ensure products or services that are relevant to a customer are the ones they see when visiting or logging in. Offline, something as simple as including a short personal note with orders can let customers know you appreciate their business while also reminding them of your brand.

Another way to build trust and offer personalized service is to actively seek feedback—even the most negative—and let customers communicate any unhappiness as quickly and easily as possible. While it can be tough to hear criticism, customer complaints are invaluable information that can let you correct any problems before customers are lost. Source: NFIB

Train employees to treat customers right

It’s important for employees to understand their role in customer retention. Your employees are sometimes the only contact your customer has with your business, so be sure that your employees have the same respect and treatment of your customers as you would yourself. Source: WikiHow

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